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Super Bowl SoFi Stadium is coming to Legoland

February 3, 2022, 1:56 p.m. · The Super Bowl house is coming to Legoland California next month.

Legoland master builders are working on a Miniland model of SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, the site of the next Super Bowl. The 30ft by 15ft by 4ft model will become the largest Lego stadium in the world, surpassing the Allianz Arena model at Legoland in Germany.

The 1:50 scale model will include over half a million Lego bricks. A team of 25 model builders worked more than 6,000 hours on the model, which is one of many new, but yet to be announced, Southern California landmarks that Legoland California will add to its Miniland this year.

Building SoFi Stadium in Lego
Photos courtesy of Legoland California

“SoFi Stadium is an architectural marvel and is considered one of the most innovative NFL stadiums in the entire league, making it an obvious choice for our first addition to Miniland USA’s expanded Southern California region.” said Legoland California Resort President Kurt Stocks. “The anticipation of Super Bowl LVI taking place at life-size SoFi Stadium in February makes this build even more special for us.”

Lego SoFo stadium stands

Los Angeles Rams player minifigures will take to the field at Legoland’s SoFi Stadium, and visitors “may even see a concert or two being held at the stadium, to showcase the talented performers scheduled to perform at SoFi Stadium throughout the season.” throughout the year,” Legoland said in its press release.

Glue the Lego model
This photo will trigger some “The Lego Movie” fans. It’s Kragle!

SoFi Stadium is also home to the NFL’s Chargers, who returned to Los Angeles from San Diego in 2017. But there’s no mention in Legoland’s press release that the Chargers will return to San Diego County in form. of Lego, which is probably fair as well as for the many former Chargers fans in the area who would rather just forget the franchise still exists.

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