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Ranch Ehrlo confirms plans for new school building

The proposed new building will house the administrative offices as well as the two-class school and gymnasium. All spaces will be designed and constructed with consideration for community growth and connections.

“This proposed building aligns with our core mission at Ranch Ehrlo to provide quality preventative and restorative services to vulnerable people. A purpose-built school will enhance our students’ learning while at the same time, the larger interior space can work for large community events and help us better connect our youth and staff to the Prince Albert community,” CEO Natalie Huber said in a statement.

The relocation of the current administrative offices, located in the basement of one of the group homes, will transform the basement space into a space that will benefit the young people living in these homes.

Although not finalized, the estimated cost is in the range of $4 million and construction is expected to begin this summer. The estimated size will be 1,064 m² (11,452 square feet).

The plans were discussed this week at the Rural Municipality of Buckland council meeting. No special request or authorization is required.

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