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“Matt Hancock left thousands of people to die and he deserves manslaughter charges” – Voice of the Mirror

Failure to act on this has claimed the lives of at least 20,000 care home residents and that is why ministers must now prepare for five-figure payouts to families.

Cathy Gardner and Fay Harris whose fathers died of Covid-19 leave the Royal Courts of Justice

No price can be put on human life. But that doesn’t mean those who mourn care home parents taken away by Covid shouldn’t be compensated.

It was gross negligence on the part of ministers to move 25,000 hospital patients into care homes without testing them for Covid first.

Judges have now declared it to be illegal as well.

It is true that we knew little about Covid at first, but we did know that it was both highly transmissible and deadly for older people.

Failure to act on this has claimed the lives of at least 20,000 nursing home residents.

That’s why ministers must now prepare for five-figure payments to families which the Sunday Mirror says will cost £200m.

It’s too late for Matt Hancock to pay the price for his negligence with his work because he’s already lost it through his stupidity.

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But we hope he will remember for the rest of his life the lie he told about throwing a ‘ring of protection’ around nursing homes.

What he really did was sentence thousands of people to death and if manslaughter charges ensue, that’s what he deserves.

The only way to learn lessons for the future is for ministers to take responsibility and admit how wrong they were.

But it would take a great man to do that. And Mr. Hancock is a moral pygmy.


It will be five years next month since 72 people died in the unforgivable hell that was Grenfell.

We know this should never have happened. We know the coating was to blame.

And we know there have been almighty squabbles since then over who should pay for its removal from other buildings.

We will always hold in our hearts the lives lost at Grenfell.

And we must bear in mind the lost livelihoods of those saddled with siding bills they cannot afford.

Yet for all of Michael Gove’s harsh talk about developers footing the bill, today we reveal how builders LendLease benefit from multibillion-pound public contracts without signing up to its resurfacing program.

The solution is simple, Mr. Gove. You must tell LendLease that the consequences of no fire safety work is no construction work at public expense.

Choir Victory

Only those who were there on May 22, 2017 can appreciate the utter horror of the explosion during Ariana Grande’s Manchester Arena concert.

And only those who have been through it will truly understand the feelings of other survivors.

That’s why the Manchester Survivors Choir is so uplifting – bringing together those still suffering from the trauma of that horrible night to sing the kind of positive songs that make everyone feel a little better.

We wish this choir what it wishes for itself. In Ariana’s words: “Be well.”

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