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Council holds first meeting in ‘magnificent’ new rooms

Councilors were full of praise and admiration for their lavish new bedrooms at today’s (Wednesday) meeting – the first to be held in the former St Ringan’s Church.

Host Malcolm Bell, who is stepping down in May, was so impressed with the state-of-the-art facilities that he joked, “I might consider running in the next election.”

Thanking the many members of staff involved in completing the move ahead of the last full board meeting of the current term, Mr. Bell paid special tribute to Project Manager Jan Riise, Project Manager Jason Quinnell and Chief of the Anne Cogle administrative team as well as all building services. team.

Mr Bell noted that the move had been completed on a ‘tight schedule’ after the library was moved from the building at the end of last year.

One of the main purposes of the new rooms is the audio and video system, with wall cameras to allow the recording and broadcasting of meetings.

Mr Bell said the equipment was “essential” for any modern council and would allow much better public and media access.

“This is a beautiful space that will serve future councils and the public well for decades to come,” he added.

The £200,000 move to St Ringan means Lerwick Town Hall, where the Chambers were based, will now have greater capacity for civic and community activities.