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Commission Continues Hearing on Commercial Construction Plans | Top stories

NEWTOWN – The Planning and Zoning Commission, meeting on Thursday, April 21, held a public hearing for an amendment to a site development plan for an application originally approved on April 1, 2004, at 64 Barnabas Rd.

The applicant, Hawleyville Development LLC, would like to construct a 6,600 square foot building with associated improvements for parking, driveway, septic system and drainage facilities adjacent to an existing commercial building.

Representing the plaintiff, Steven C. Sullivan, PE, Vice President of CCA LLC, Brookfield, pointed to the 29 parking spaces associated with the existing building, which was constructed 17 years ago, and the wetlands as it directed the commissioners to the updated plan.

The new building would be occupied by five tenants and 49 new parking spaces would be added.

The driveway would be moved 30 feet east to center it between the two buildings and a proposed retaining wall would be installed at the rear of the site to avoid disturbing wetlands.

The Inland Wetlands Commission had approved the plan and the plaintiff’s representatives had met with the city engineer about a diversion of the drainage system to divert water from the wetlands.

Mr. Sullivan described the storm water runoff plan, the erosion control plan and how the existing and proposed buildings will utilize the existing well.

He also reviewed the lighting plan. Architectural renderings show that the new building would match the existing appearance.

The planting plan shows a buffer zone to protect the site from neighboring properties.

Commissioners inquired about the types of businesses that would be located in the building, hearing that a dental supply business and laboratories would use the building with little traffic other than employees.

Water consumption in the current building is 64 gallons per day.

There are no plans to add solar panels to either building.

Rob Sibley, deputy director of planning, noted the city’s goal to ease pedestrian traffic in the area, suggesting that sidewalks be considered, although they were a dead end at the moment. “We’re trying to get that connectivity.”

When the floor was opened to the public, a resident spoke out against the development, expressing concerns about the building’s proximity to his property and how water would be directed to his garage.

The commission decided to keep the public hearing open to conduct a site visit and voted to pursue the matter until its next meeting on Thursday, May 5.

In other matters, the commission unanimously approved an application for boarding and boarding at 94 Eden Hill Rd.

Jason Edwards, LS, of J. Edwards & Associates in Easton, described the layout plan for a horse stable and indoor arena with a new driveway.

The new barn would be approximately 28,000 square feet with 20 stalls, an office, grooming areas and a riding area.

The business side of the property would include horse boarding and riding lessons; the property size of 15 acres meets regulatory requirements for this use.

Mr. Sibley noted that the application does not specify the events that would take place on the property.

Owner Kirsten Gray has hosted shows and clinics in the past and the commission has suggested events be added on demand.

The commission also asked about fire suppression systems for the barn. Mr. Sibley replied that the Fire Marshal had looked into the matter.

A neighboring property owner inquired about the overall height of the building, learning that it would be 28 feet tall without any exterior lighting plans on the side facing the neighboring property.