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10 Awesome Games to Play on Board Game Arena

Board Game Arena is a website filled with many amazing board games. Both free and paid games are available to try, and many of them will provide a fun and streamlined experience of some classic tabletop games. Only one person needs to get the premium account to give all your friends access to all games on the site. Alternatively, you can be paired up with other board game enthusiasts to get started in the games right away.

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From hilarious experiences to challenging battles, there’s a game for everyone at Board Game Arena. There are plenty of tutorials and training modes to get familiar with each game, but most are very easy to learn. Here are ten engaging board games you can play with your friends right now.

ten Love letter

Love Letter Card Game Cover Art and a gameplay screenshot of Love Letter on Board Game Arena.

Love Letter is a simple little card game that anyone can enjoy. You all compete to get your love letter to the princess while eliminating your rivals from the tower. You will have two cards in your hand on your turn and must decide which to play. Each card has a unique power that will influence other players. You win by being the last person remaining or by having the highest numbered card when the game runs out.

The website allows you to play with larger groups and with a few extra cards, but the game works best with groups of four. With fast spins and simple mechanics, you’ll soon be playing again and again. It’s silly, easy to learn, and a fantastic filler game.


9 UK

Illustration of the Kingdomino board game box and a screenshot of Kingdomino's gameplay on Board Game Arena.

Kingdomino is ideal for small groups of two to four players. This game is quick to learn and everyone will understand right away. You build a kingdom using domino pieces. There are several types of terrain on these dominoes, and when you place a new one, you need to make sure that each tile matches another. You will only get points if you have crowns in your kingdom, so you will try to grab the best crown tiles you need before your friends.

Kingdomino is a relaxing and peaceful experience, with a bit of competitive angle sprinkled on top. It’s very satisfying to watch your little kingdom come together, especially when you manage to get the right combination of tiles to push your final score in the lead.

8 Stone Age

Stone Age Board game box art and gameplay via Board Game Arena

Stone Age is one of many free games on the site. You don’t need a premium account at all to play this one. It’s a game for two to four players that works great for a more expansive gaming experience. The Stone Age is about 60-90 minutes long but not complex or difficult to learn.

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In Stone Age, you play as a band of hunters and gatherers, trying to build your tribe and huts while making sure no one goes hungry. You will repeatedly collect resources from a limited supply. Thus, you should always be wary of what your rivals are aiming for. This is a fun worker placement game that any group can try.

7 blue

Azul Board Game Cover Art and gameplay as shown on Board Game Arena.

Azul is a four-player game where you collect beautiful tiles from various coasters to fill your decorative displays. With both limited tiles to choose from and limited space to use them, you’ll adapt your plans at any time based on everyone’s actions. You get points for each tile, depending on how many adjacent tiles touch them. With its fast playtime, the game is an exciting challenge that does not overstay its welcome.

Azul will often feel like a complex little puzzle as you try to get the most out of the tiles without ending the game too abruptly. As soon as one person completes an entire row, the game ends that round. So you have to be prepared to sabotage your friends’ plans as often as you focus on your own.

6 Blow

Kick Board Game box art and gameplay as shown on Board Game Arena

Coup is a fantastic game for those who like a hint of deception in their board game. You eliminate the other players by removing their two influences (represented by two cards in their hands). You can do this in different ways, while bluffing on the powers you have. You can call out anyone for lying on their cards by challenging them. But if you are wrong, you yourself will lose influence. Lose both and you’re out of the game.

The website allows the Coup: Reformation expansion to be incorporated, allowing additional players and even teams to be involved. But the basic version with four or five players is where this game really shines. It’s fast and chaotic. It’s also hilarious when someone gets away with a blatant lie.

5 The crew: Mission Deep Sea

The Crew board game box, gameplay taken from Board Game Arena.

The Crew: Mission Deep Sea is a challenging yet satisfying co-op experience. You play as a team of two to five people diving into the deep sea in search of the lost continent of Mu.

This is a trick-taking game where everyone plays a card and the highest number wins the trick. The problem? You have a minimum of means of communication and you do not know if you are helping your friends to succeed in a mission or if you are sabotaging it. There are multiple missions to complete as you become a synchronized team, completing rounds in specific orders to win.

4 Parks

Parks Board Game box cover and Board Game Arena gameplay

For a peaceful and scenic gaming experience, be sure to visit Parks. It is a one to five player game that lasts about 30 to 60 minutes. You play as hikers, hiking trails and visiting beautiful national parks.

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This is a resource management game where you must balance the need to upgrade your gear to help you hike while saving resources to spend in the parks you want to visit. The more parks you visit, the more points you will get. It’s a beautiful game with beautiful illustrations too.

3 Santorini

Santorini board game box cover and Board Game Arena Santorini 3D gameplay.

Santorini is one of the best two player board games. It is simple to learn but difficult to master. You move one of your two builders around the grid, then place a building down. The object of the game is to get one of your builders up to the third floor of a building. But it is not that simple. The other player can block these third floors with domes and also have unique god powers to play with.

There are many gods to play with, all with unique powers that change the way you play. No game will ever be the same. Each round is fast, but you always have to think a few steps ahead. It is a fascinating game that offers a real challenge. The 3D layout of the website version also makes it as exciting as playing in person.

2 railway ink

Railroad Ink Deep Blue Edition cover art and gameplay shown from Board Game Arena.

The physical version of Railroad Ink is excellent for those who like to draw. But, the online version is just as satisfying to complete. The gameplay is straightforward. Each turn, four dice are rolled, and everyone must draw the tracks and roads shown on those dice. You try to connect as many outputs as possible without creating too many dead ends.

You can play the game with or without different expansions that add intriguing new ways to complete your network. Player interaction is limited, but the main joy of the game is seeing how everyone’s networks turn out in the end. It’s a very relaxing experience where you probably won’t even care if you win or lose.

1 Carcassonne

Carcassonne Board Game Box art and an image of Carcassonne gameplay in Board Game Arena.

Carcassonne is a game for two to five players where you place tiles and try to earn points by completing various structures. Carcassonne is like building a big open world with your friends. You can work together to build towns and winding paths, or you can try to rob each other and wreak havoc.

The online version is incredibly useful, always showing you where you can place your tiles and even where you can place your meeples. You can play it with various expansions that just make the game better, like the Inns and Cathedrals expansion, which adds a double or nothing element. There’s also a Hunters And Gatherers version of the game on the site for when you want to mix things up.

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